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Navy Club Ship 12 Lafayette


Ship 12Ship 12
Navy Club of Lafayette – Ship No. 12

Ship 12 Parent Body Officers 2017
Commander – Denny Gramman
Senior Executive Officer – Ron Tull
Junior Executive Officer – Dawn Fruits
Paymaster – Ray Dunoho
Chaplain – Terry Hoeser
Historian – Brian Lucas
Master-At-Arms – Bob Dutton
Immediate Past Commander – Dave Snyder
Trustee 1Year – Mike Emmons
Trustee 2 Year – Jim Brady
Trustee 3 Year—Dave Snyder
Shipswriter—Sherri Feldhaus

Immediate Past Commander
Dave Snyder

Ship Commander
Denny Gramman

Sherri Feldhaus

Club Room
1905 Elmwood Ave.
Lafayette, IN 47904
Meeting Date
1st Thursday of the Month – 1900


April/May 2017
Feb/March 2016
April/May 2016
This page is to be used for Ship 12 commander and/or shipswriter to make entries about current ships events


1 Comment

  1. Johannes K Borchert says:

    Mr, Brian Lucas. I recovered Pictures in 1969 in my Father old house. This Pictures where made over 120 Years ago with pin and paint.
    The are from the Spanish – American War of 1898. US Battleship Indiana, Maine, Iowa, US Cruiser New York,Brooklyn, Minneapolis
    and Columbia. I like to see one set in your Club .
    Johannes Borchert

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